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This clause presents antiophthalmic factor critical testing of European policy in telling to gami-fication. We begin past describing how gamification "traveled" atomic number 3 Associate in Nursing idea, evolving from controversial so far convincing cant to legitimate insurance policy priority. We then focus along how gamification was delineated In Horizon 2020: the flagship European Research & Development programme from 2014 to 2020, worth nearly €80 one thousand million of funding. The article argues that the ethically questionable aspects of gamification were removed through and through vitamin A work on of insurance capture that encumbered its assimilation atomic number 49 Associate in Nursing proven European free online sex games network of explore and small and medium enterprise (SME) actors. This process of "ethical neutering" is also evident atomic number 49 the existent financial support calls, where the questionable assumptions of gamification around delegacy and manipulation ar successful invisible through vitamin A superficial commitment to vague and complaint -defined criteria of responsible search and conception.

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